7 Ways Your Forex Coach Should Increase Your Forex Profits & Then Make Them Consistent

Increasing Forex profits with your Forex coach

With a full time job, kids and other commitments, trading Forex can be hard right? It's not your fault it's your Forex coach's fault



because they should understand your pains and problems.



You may be thinking you don't have a Forex coach, you do. Everyone does. It may be a person, company or it might just be you.



At the bottom of this post I've created a free checklist you can use. So when you pick a Forex coach, website or company, you know exactly what they should be providing.




Your Forex Profits Are All That Matter



Learning Forex for you is all about your profits right?



Nothing else matters!


With limited time, you need to be given the results, not loads of theory.


So lets jump into the 7 ways your Forex coach can increase your Forex Profits and then make them consistent.




1 - You Should Be Taking Better Trades


I don't mean trade calls because this keeps you attached to them.


It should all be about your results, not how long you pay them money right?


For example, you should be learning to take trades like this example below for yourself, not waiting for trade calls all the time.


Cable 1000 pip drop



You should be learning how to find better trades because better trades = more winning trades. More winning trades means more Forex profits. *The goal is being reached*


They should be teaching you why the first green arrow down is the setup, and how and why you can make 1000 pips on one trade, risking a small amount of money, taking only about 30 minutes to scout this trade for yourself.




Your Current Situation, Your Current Forex Results


How is it like for you now?


I know more likely than not, you have a full time commitment of some kind. But how are you making Forex profits?



  • Spending loads of time in trading rooms?
  • Waiting for trade calls which work sometimes?
  • Being taught how to and taking trades like above for yourself?
  • Making no money?


Start Finding Better Trades




If you take only one thing from this, I want you to take "Forex profits is all that matters in my Forex trading"


This will quickly weed out pretenders.


Where are you at right now?


Which website, coach or company is teaching you to trade?


Are they increasing the profits you are making or just teaching & lecturing you?


You don’t have time or money to waste so make it count. If you are not being shown how to make profits, stop wasting your time, save your capital.




2 - You Should Be Taking Better Entries


If you are not being shown how to take trades with great entries which:


  • Lower the amount of money you are risking on trades
  • Increase your profit margin



Think about finding someone else.


The better your entry, the more profit you can make.



The Result Of Consistent Good Entries


If you keep taking bad entries (even on winning trades) you are leaving big amounts of profit on the table.


Let's look at another example.


Gold $2500 Drop



The second yellow box on the top red line was the best possible entry.


Before the beg red candle not after! You immediately risk little ($0.10 per point would result in $2500), Open yourself up for the most profit margin (the full $2500 drop).


Notice the examples are showing one trade, small risk & big profits.



One Trade, Small Risk, Big Profits!


This is how you get from fulltime to part time/no time employment fast.


What would an extra $4000 do for you and your family every 2-3 months?


A lot right?


And this is what you should be learning how to do for yourself.


If your coach is not showing you how to get better entries ask yourself why.


Either they can't or they don't want to




3 - You Should Have A Better Approach


If you don't have time because of work. You shouldn't be told you need to make more time because you don't need to.


It only takes a few hours at max to setup trades like the two above (which you can easily do with a job). Apparent Forex traders will get you to sign into the live rooms and spend hours TALKING.


We have one main webinar & One course which shows you exactly what you need to do to make consistent Forex profits.



Your New Forex Approach


It's annoying when you work 40 hours a week and a Forex teacher says find 20 more free hours you don't have to be lectured to right?


Effecient Forex Strategy approach



You should be learning to be efficient, not extremely overworked.



Isn’t the goal to cut hours down not increase them right?


  • Saving money on risk & entries
  • Loosening financial pressure from a full time job


All work towards

  • Spending more time with friends and family



40 hours full time + 20 more hours for lecturing and fluff = more work, more financial pressure and even less time with friends and family. Not The Result You Want!


4 - You Should Be Receiving Better Education


Notice what I have been doing throughout this post. And with the bonus checklist I created at the bottom of this post. Providing you with much better education.


I've shown you the goal - More Forex Profits

Given you the mind set - Forex Profits Are All That Matter


I'm showing you how - Currently On #4



Avoid The Same Old Generic Education 


It's hard to forget things which are right. I don't know if I will ever forget what Sam Seiden (Online Trading Academy) likes to say about the same old generic info.


In my own paraphrase:


"They say read the all the books, but the books tell you to do the opposite of what makes profits"



Forex stress


I don't know how many people actually tell you to focus on Forex profits.


Forex profits is all that should matter to you because it's the only thing which will get you from full time to part time work, or even replace your main income stream



Your Current Focus


What Have You been focusing on?



  • Consistent Profits?
  • Trade Calls?
  • Strategy?
  • Something Else



When you focus on making consistent Forex profits, it forces you to avoid all the crap.


But focus on the formula. There is only seven things any trader needs to be successful. Our main Forex webinar reveals all 7, Our All In One Forex Course Breaks Down All 7.




5 - You Should Be Increasing in Confidence


When you first find out about Forex trading or start trading on a live account. You shouldn't be extremely confident. Why would you be, you haven't done anything.


But nothing is really better than your first Forex profit. Your confidence jumps through the roof.


This does not last forever however and it shouldn't. There is more profit to be made and we need to make it consistent.


Develp Your Forex Trading



You should have access  which provides you with confidence.


I don't necessarily mean phone, text or email because you might not have the time.


One great form for answering questions/providing confidence is:



  • Podcasts (we have the Forex Answers Podcast)

    Lets be serious, right now you don't have loads of time so a podcast is a great way for you to learn more about Forex and keep confidence levels high.

    You can listen on the way to work (car, walking etc) While doing other things around the house/running around town at the same time.

    The main reason we created this podcast was to answer your Forex questions so you don't have to waste time in forums searching for answers. Saving you time, saving you money, answering your questions which keeps you confident.




6 - You Should Be Given Better Tools


Lets just forget about useless Forex indicators which don't really work, give you more things to think about but never look wrong AFTER the fact.


Forex Tools


If you have a set of eyes to look at charts, you will be just fine.


So lets forget about indicators which don't really work. Substitute back in your two eyes
and watch how things get even better for you.


Your eyes are the best Forex tool you need. Start using them.










7 - They Should Bring Honesty


I have gone through 6 things so far. And what cements everything together is honesty.



They should be honest about your current situation, you current desire and your current stumbling blocks.



The moment you realise you are not at your desire, it comes down to how you are going to get there. This is where the Forex coach, with your goals in mind will show you exactly how to get there.



Currently right now, is the person, company or product you have showing you honesty?



Do you have the blueprint from where you are now, to where you want to be?



You should and if you don't you know what to do.



Making Your Profit Consistent


So now you know the main things you should be receiving, you can compare it with your current Forex educator.


But lets talk about how to keep the profits Consistent.


Using the experience, support and fresh perspective, you can learn to keep the profits you are now making and make it consistent.


You should know



  • What to trade
  • How to trade
  • The right tools
  • The exact methods



Just repeat this 4 step process and soon you will be replacing your full time job, with a part time/no time solution.


If your current Forex teacher is not providing you with all of this, save your time and money. You deserve better.


So I've given you the formula, I would love to just keep going but I value your time too much. I said at the beginning I created a bonus checklist for you to use to analyse your current Forex teacher. Click Here to Download It


If you want a more hands on approach, Lets have an intensive Forex review 1on1 Where you can show me exactly where you are, where you want to go. And I will show you how to get there fast! Click Here To Schedule An Intensive Forex Review.