Forex TV - Best Forex Movies/Shows To Watch To Build Your Trading

Forex TV

Would you like more fun ways to learn about Forex trading?


Do large Forex forums & thick long articles take too long to give you one simple answer?


In this post we are going to give you one great way you can start learning more about trading, while also entertaining yourself at the same time. This post is going to give you some great Forex TV shows and films you can watch, which will help make you a better trader. All of our recommendations are not based on Forex (the trading theme is in all of them however) but they all can help you grow as an investor & Forex trader.

Below will be a quick list for those of you who just want the recommendations. Further down will be my personal analysis on the main recommendations, along with a complimentary video I created on the same topic.

(You can find out more about these picks all on YouTube)

Forex TV - Quick List

  • Million Dollar Traders (documentary/short series)
  • Floored Into The Pit (documentary film)
  • Rogue Trader (film)
  • Wall Street Warriors (short series)
  • Wall Street (film)
  • Margin Call (film)
  • Last Days Of Lehman (documentary)
  • Boiler Room (film)
  • Trading Places (film)


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Forex TV: Brief Introduction


Some of the above recommendations are famous movies. But on the other hand, there are several gems in this list, most Forex traders are not aware of. All bring education and development in one shape or form. It makes sense for you to watch these recommendations because they deal with various aspects of trading and help us understand the different emotions, actions and decisions traders need to make, every single day.

Here is the video



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Million Dollar Traders

Million Dollar Traders is a short documentary/series (based in London England) which is a really must see trading programme. This short series is based on a famous investor Lex Van Dam, who invested $1 million dollars of his own money. And took a group of people from all walks of life to see if he could make them profitable traders. As a beginner, shows like this are useful as they help you see some of the common emotions traders deal with when starting out. Another great benefit is the tips and tricks you can take from the show (not only from educators but from the traders itself). Check this out!

Floored Into The Pit

This documentary/film is a really good depiction of what trading was like from an historical stand point. Not only does it deal with history, it also deals with the transition in trading to where we are today. We do not see this from one dimension however. We see from profitable traders, losing traders & it helps traders understand some of the feelings emotions and actions which allow you to become profitable, or doom you to failure. A great 60+ minute investment in trading education.

Rogue Trader

This film is a classic and really has it all! excitement, joy, failure, success, money, hope, psychology: check it out. This is the true story of Nick Leeson. The man who broke bearings bank. He was a trader who moved up quite quickly, but his fall was even quicker. This film shows you what not to do when trading and it shows you some of the pitfalls that can easily come along, once you start winning in trading.

Wall Street Warriors

This is like an American version of Million Dollar Traders but goes into more depth about those featured in the show. This show does deal with new traders, but it also shows other aspects, like brokers, fund managers, educators etc. We get a full view from different aspects of what trading is really like. We get to see the opinions from different stand points of the trading world and we also see how some groups view others. 

What Now?

Those were the main recommendations we have, you can see from the list above and the video, we also gave you a few others which should be entertaining/educational for you too. Share this on social media & Leave a comment below with your view on our recommendations. Have you seen any, what were your thoughts, do you have any suggestions for the list? Let us know in the comments.


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