7 Features My Forex Trading Journal Spreadsheet Has & How They All Make Me A Better Forex Trader

Forex Trading Journal Spreadsheet

I decided to share with you 7 great features my Forex trading journal spreadsheet has. 




I know if you add all 7, your Forex trading journal spreadsheet & your Forex trading will get even better.




Your Forex Trading Journal Spreadsheet


I don't want to jump the gun or presume anything here. If you don't have a Forex trading journal spreadsheet or want an upgraded one, I will share how you can get mine below.


So let me jump right in and start sharing the top features my Forex trading journal spreadsheet has.



1  -  Currency Portfolio


In my Forex trading journal spreadsheet I have several features most wouldn't have. One of these is the specific instruments I am allowed to trade. 


By constantly reinforcing this, I don't trade other instruments people may recommend or fall into the hype.


Don't you just hate when someone is talking up a currency, you try to get involved and get run ragged?


That use to happen to me all the time because I was always looking for new things to trade.


Start Your Forex Portfolio Today


If you start today strictly trading the instruments you have hand selected, your trading profits will increase. This is because these are the instruments you are most comfortable with.


If you are wondering, how do you ever trade new instruments & what instruments should you pick to trade, I have an answer for both.


One of my trading rules is a review process. This is where I spend a week or so reviewing the instrument I want to start trading. If successful, I add to my list. I stray away from one day reviews because I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing and not being played by my emotions.


If you want to know which currencies to start trading, Download Your Free Forex Toolkit Here, which will show you the best currencies to trade and so much more.



2  -  Pre Programmed Risk Calculator


I don't leave risk to emotions and I don't leave it to my mental arithmetic (even though I'm good at it).


My Forex trading journal spreadsheet has pre programmed formula which tells me how much money I can risk on each trade (This percentage can be changed easily, so if you download the journal below, the bonus tutorial video will show me changing it around).


When you start trading in the beginning, you may know exactly how much to risk. But as you start making money, your max risk will increase. You avoid all the calculations & get the exact number.


This isn't the end however, look out for #7 on my list of features for my Forex trading journal spreadsheet because it takes this all to another level.



3  -  Notes For Each Trade + Trade Comments


Some traders struggle to make profits. This may be you but I'm going to share a great way for you to learn to keep winning in Forex.


As I like to share all the time, Forex psychology is so important. What we think & believe happens time and time again. So I write notes and comments on every trade.


I share:


  • How I Feel
  • What I'm Thinking
  • What I Want To Do After I Make Profits


These are some of the things I want to know, because I then line this up with all winning trades and see the same feelings and thoughts I have before a winning trade. I then keep replicating that.


As you can start to see this Forex trading journal spreadsheet is on another level to the norm and this is why I am sharing it with you today.



4   -  A Colour-Coded Hit Rate


This is a great way to see winning trades because wining trades are highlighted in green. This way I know where all winning trades are easily.


Like I mentioned with #3, replicating winning is what it's all about for me. Don't waste time flicking through all trades to find your winners. Know as soon as you look which kind of trade it was.



5   -  Which Market I Traded


This is a separate category where I list the currency for the trade. This is great for my Forex trading journal spreadsheet. Because like pinpointing my winners, I can do exactly this in more detail.


I can search through and find all my Euro trades for example and see all the green trades.


I then know which currencies I'm trading well. Now you know the currencies to focus more on because you are more likely to make Forex profits.



6  -  Rule Following Checkbox


With a simple tick or cross, I can see whether I followed my rules for this trade.


When I combine this with winning trades and the colour code, I can see that when I follow my rules, I normally make profits. And when I don't follow my rules I normally lose. This is good for Forex psychology because you keep seeing that following rules gets me my profits.



7   -   Automatic Lot Size Calculator


The last feature I am sharing specifically shows you how many lots you can trade based on your max risk. Like the risk calculator it's pre coded. But you can change this by simply setting how many pips you can risk on each trade.




Lets say your Forex trading strategy outlines you risk 10 pips per trade for 30 pips profit with a £1000 Forex account (risking a generic 2%).


I set it to 10 by just adding the number 10. It now tells you, you can trade 2 lots or £2 per pip. Your max risk is £20. When you win the trade you make £60. And you just made a 6% increase on your account.



Upgrade Your Forex Trading Journal


These were 7 features my Forex trading journal has and I said I would let you know how you can get your hands on it. If you want the exact Forex trading journal spreadsheet I have shared all these features about, you can purchase it right below for just $77. I'm also giving you a bonus Walkthrough video showing you how to use the trading journal.


Click the orange button below, fill out the form, and you will get the pre coded Forex trading journal and the bonus video tutorial.


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