I Hate Forex…Even Though I Trade & Teach

I hate Forex. I really do.

Yes, I trade the Forex markets and make money. Yes, I teach traders to trade.

But there are things I really hate about Forex that I think will never change.

I hate the scammers. The miss-education. The constant lies being told to lure people in for selfish gains.

And sometimes I feel like just walking away from the education side of things and just sticking strictly to trading.


What Stops Me


But then I think about what we do here at VintagEducation. The sole aim here is to help you avoid the scammers, give you the right education and tell you the truth. So you enter the Forex markets for the right reasons and do the right things once you start trading.

Any time I think about walking away, I think about all the positive messages We've received, from genuine people who thank us for all the help we give them.

These are just a handful. But this is what I really teach Forex for.


There Are Too Many Forex Educators Making Unrealistic Claims


It feels like every time I'm on the Internet, I see popups about the next best Forex indicator.


I'm not here to call anyone out by name so I've covered names etc. But an indicator which "PREDICTS" the future?

I'm tired of seeing stuff like this because every time I do, I think about the people who will see this and fall for the dream of an indicator which predicts the future and does all the work for you.


It doesn't exist.


Want To Learn More About Forex Trading?


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Imaginary Forex Gains


I stumbled upon an article a little while back. The image below is a screen clipping from the article.

"Magically" turn $20 into $1000.

Forex traders are consistently being taught the wrong things. And because of this a large majority continue to lose money.


Want To Learn To Trade Without Magical Systems?


Join me live for a Free Forex webinar where I will teach you how to trade the Forex markets Click here now to claim your spot on our free training


Free Forex Education Is Not Enough


A few weeks back, I decided to hold a Q&A session for all of my All in One Forex course students. These are people who have paid hundreds of dollars to get my course and I decided to add more value by holding a series of 3 Live Q&A sessions.

It was a great session. We covered some great topics so it was decided to offer one session to the public for a small fee. It was not fair to give it away for free when my Forex course is currently $997 as I write this (with plans to increase to $1197 imminently).

Below is what someone said in response to the FB post we published.


This trader wanted the access, but wanted it for free. I don't know anyone who had a free education in Forex and makes money trading the markets. That just doesn't happen.

"I can just read a few blog posts and watch a few videos and Forex profits will start rolling in" This is taken from a post where I cover several mistakes Forex traders make. It does not work like that


Closing Thoughts


Well there you have it. Some insights into a Forex trader's mind who also teaches people to trade. I have insight from both sides of the fence. VintagEducation can't be everywhere and we can't save everyone. But what we try to do here is help as many Forex traders as we can who land on our doorsteps.

You probably are still going to see spammy ads and salespeople in the Forex markets but I hope you don't fall for it. If you are interested in learning more about the Forex markets from a live Forex trader, you can come along to our Free Live Forex webinar. I'd love to see you there. Click here to get your seat reserved.