Still Not Making Forex Profits?

How to Making Forex Profits

Sometimes there are just no trades and to be a really skilled trader. You need to be able to walk away.


As you should know if you have read any of my two previous case studies (currently 12% profit & 6.2% profit in 90 minutes), I only trade for 60 minutes a day.


So as soon as I get to the charts, I start a countdown timer. Within this 60 minute window, I am looking for 3/4 good trades and will probably take 1 or 2.


This is the general framework for my trading day and I can show you how and more in my All in One Forex course.


Still trading badly?


It sounds so simple doesn’t it? But what happens when things don't go to plan?


I'm talking about when there is not:


3/4 trades to pick that day.




Let alone 1 trade to take?


This is when Forex psychology kicks in and tells me to walk away whole.


Where 95% of Forex traders consistently lose money (this could include you) I do everything I can to avoid what they do consistently.


You see, the right thing to do is, walk away and come back to fight another day. But when you think you need to spend all day looking at charts to make money. And your Forex psychology is not the way it should, you run the risk of forcing a trade and messing up.


Still Not Making Forex Profits?


This all stems from the fact you are not setup to make Forex profits. My main aim as a trader is to make Forex profits consistently and I know everything I will do to get them. Do you?


I know everything I need, to make Forex profits. And this is something I teach traders in my All in one Forex course.


Still not completely sure what you're looking for on the charts?


It happens all the time. This is why so many traders use indicators like EMA's, Bollinger's, RSI, you name it. And this is why most of them lose. They have never really understood how to trade for THEMSELVES.


What do your charts look like?


Mine are indicator free and have been so for years.


I only spend my time when trading looking for 2/3 candles and that's it. I don't have to wait for the stars to align on an indicator or anything like that.


What this allows me to do is know really quickly (remember I only trade for 60 mins) whether trading is worthwhile or not.


The truth is, if you are a Forex trader, there have been days when you should have closed down the charts and left. But stayed on and lost money.


Think about all those days!


All the money you could have saved just by being able to identify BEFORE you made any mistakes.


You may notice I talk about my Forex course quite frequently. It's because I'm confident it works and will help you start making the kind of Profits you want to make every month.


Learn how to make $5000 a month and live of Forex profits and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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