FA 0003 How Much Money Do I Need To Start Forex Trading

Welcome to episode 3 of the Forex Answers podcast. If you are new to Forex trading, this is a great resource for you to start learning about Forex. Each episode is going to cover one brand new question. And our podcast is 7 days a week.

We just want to take this time to thank you all for helping this show take off. And hopefully we can provide you with valuable content in each and every episode.

In today's episode, we cover how much money it Really takes to start trading Forex (It probably isn't as much as you think). Today's episode goes into real detail about how much money you should think about starting & why so many people are skeptical entering the Forex markets.

Money is such a big draw to so many people in Forex but you will be surprised at how many people money actually keeps out of the Forex markets. 


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IN THIS Episode:

  • How much money you should start with when trading Forex markets
  • How money keeps many people on the sidelines
  • What kind of broker you should place your money in 
  • Why you shouldn't start with big money in the beginning
  • How much money I started with in the beginning
  • How anyone can enter the Forex markets now
  • How we arrived at Forex trading as we know it
  • The broker mistake I made when starting out
  • Benefits you should look for in a broker
  • Why Forex psychology plays a big part in how much money you invest


  • Trading Films & Shows You Should Watch - We compiled a list of about 10 great films & shows you should watch for entertainment & taking your trading to the next level.
  • Floored Into The Pit - A great documentary/film which is a great watch. 
  • Free 7 Day Course - Our free 7 day Forex course starts you off on the right track and walks you through 7 days of great content.
  • Free Forex Webinar - Only 200 spots available, claim your spot at our next live session where you can come and say hi. And we will be delivering some great Forex content.
  • How To Find The Best Forex Brokers - This reveals our secret strategy for finding the best Forex brokers on auto-pilot after doing a small piece of work in the beginning.


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