FA 0077 Do You Use A Static Stop Loss Or Dynamic Stop Loss

Welcome to episode 77 of the Forex Answers podcast. In today's episode, I'm answering a question about what type of stop loss I use in my trades. Do I use a static stop loss or dynamic loss? This is the third stop loss question in the Forex Answers archive so enjoy.


static stop loss or dynamic stop loss

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IN THIS Episode:

  • The 3rd episode in the stop loss series on the Forex Answers podcast
  • Find which type of Forex stop loss I use
  • Why using a trailing stop loss is hard for risk to reward calculations 
  • Updates on our new 1 on 1 coaching service
  • How the community played a big part in our decision




  • 1 on 1 Forex Coaching - Schedule some 1 on 1 Forex time for us to help you start making Forex profits


  • Forex Products - Have a look at all the products we offer currently


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