Forex Market Hours

Forex Market Hours

Do you actually know the Forex market hours for trading?


Are you sure you really know, or have you been told but never checked for yourself?


Forex Market Hours

We are going to look into the actual Forex market hours in this post. Below will also be a video to complement the post (please subscribe to our YouTube channel: for the chance to win a free product from our store click here.)

There are loads of people out there who tell you the Forex markets are 24/7. Not true!

The Forex market hours are 24 hours a day. But not across seven days. Forex trading does cross-over 6 days but the hour total is much closer to a 24/5 than a 24/7.

The Forex markets open up on Sunday evening between 9-11pm (British time) pending on the broker you are with. The Forex markets then stays open up until Friday Evening around 9pm British time.

This means about 3 hours of Friday's trading is cut off. And the whole of Saturday too. Most of Sunday is also non-trading time, but as mentioned before, the market opens up on Sunday evening.

Watch the video below about Forex market hours below for more clarity.



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