Forex Trading Is Like Playing Chess & Here's Why

Forex Trading Is Like Playing Chess

Have you ever played chess?





They say chess is one of the most cerebral games ever!




How I Started Playing Chess


I remember when I first really started playing chess. As a kid I use to play chess & checkers here and there. But when I was about 15, one of my older brothers bought a chess table and it lived in the living room on the table which centred the room. I automatically fell in love with chess because of how calculated you can be when playing.


I mean in all the games I played (maybe 50) I only lost twice. One loss I avenged, the other I never had the opportunity. The unavenged loss was a funny one because my opponent didn't realise he had won (I had to tell him). I took him lightly and paid the price. Chess is a game you can play many steps ahead and this is how you should trade the Forex markets.


Players who play chess one move at a time, are at a huge disadvantage. Players who are five, six, seven steps ahead are positioned to win. I was so cerebral playing chess, I would know which piece I was going to use to dominate and win the game before I made my first move.


What does this do?


I'm prepared to move already, while my opponent is still working things out. Although we are moving one go at a time, I'm already ready to conquer their king. Let me ask you a question?


Which chess player do you think the super banks, big hedge funds & pro traders are?


Who is the amateur trader?



Treating Forex Trading Like A Chess Game


We both know the pros are the cerebral trader, while the amateur is playing chess one move at a time.


Should I show you what playing chess looks like on a Forex chart?


I want to show you two examples of how pro traders plot in advance.


The first is an example of a trade which we called in advance for our private members. I will share the private video this one time but I am also going to pick something which is going to happen in the future so you can see again for yourself.


Click the image for a better view


What you can see is a picture of Gold between two regions. We knew when the market moved back up to this top region the price was going to drop. All we had to do now was wait. The amateur trader was not thinking several steps ahead so they could never see this coming. Pro traders & pro educators were waiting for the opportunity to take this one move.


Click the image for a better view


Now you can see the results of treating Forex trading like a game of chess. We're talking about a $300+ drop. That is 3000+ points you could have made! 



We Show people The chess Moves


This was the weekend video when we shared this chess move.


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The Next Chess Move


So lets look at an example now of a chess move you can take in the future. Because through this article, I want to teach you how to trade like a pro. And show you what pro traders see & do on a daily basis. You may think this is just long term trading but I will show you shortly how to do this on an intraday basis.


Click here for a better view


This is a chart of the FTSE100. Is this about to drop to the black line? These are the potential opportunities which arise every now and then and we share them with our private members.


Going forward I want you to look at charts in this way. Ask yourself, what am I doing?



Am I being a pro or amateur?



Playing Chess With Short Term Trading


I said I would let you know how you could use this for shorter term trading and I guess I will end on this point.


All you have to do is know what you are doing. The process is the same but you just treat it differently. Imagine if you know for the next two months, the chess move is to buy a currency. What does that give you the opportunity to do on a daily basis?


You have the opportunity to trade in that direction every day the markets give you the opportunity. You're in fact taking little chess moves every day which can ultimately lead up to the one long term chess move pro traders are taking. This is what the pro traders do. They take the one long term chess move, while taking daily small chess moves.


I hope this article helped you understand how traders are making money both long term and short term.



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Leave a comment below letting me know if you've been playing chess while trading or playing checkers.