Top 10 Best Forex Podcast Episodes

Best Forex Podcast Episodes Forex podcasts are a great way to learn  more about the Forex markets.



 The Forex Answers Podcast is a 7 day a  week Forex Podcast with great insights into  the Forex markets.


 In this post I am going to share the top 10 best  Forex podcast episodes so check out the list  below.




The 1st Month Of Forex Answers


After 30 days or so, the Forex Answers Podcast has been listened to over 1800 times. Listened to in over 27 countries and is growing internationally daily. I truly believe this is the Best Forex podcast around and provides a valuable resource for new Forex traders.


Since the Forex Answers Podcast is seeing so much success, I wanted to look back over the last month and see which podcast episodes are being listened to the most. I can say, I have been surprised by which episodes are gaining popularity.



Top 10 Best Forex Podcast Episodes



1 What Is The Best Time Frame To Trade (Episode 20)


As of the day this is published, there are 44 episodes of the Forex Answers Podcast. This is because I released multiple episodes on day 1 of the podcast. For episode 20 to be the most downloaded episode is somewhat of a surprise. But this  does lead me to believe the content and topic of the episode was something loads of traders were interested in. Most new traders want to know about time frame so it makes sense to me. 


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2 What Is Forex Trading (Episode 2)


For new Forex traders and those needing more information about Forex, it does make sense for this episode to be such a popular episode. I don't think being episode 2 has a big part to play but I think most people listening to the podcast or new to the world of Foreign Exchange.


The podcast episodes range between 5-9 minutes in length. Episode 2 is 10+ minutes so this is even more surprising. This also leads me to believe the content is right on the money.


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3 How Much Do You Get In The Demo And Is It Enough To Open A Real Account (Episode 14)


The theme I am starting to see is the best Forex podcast episodes for the Forex Answers Podcast tend to be real introductory questions traders want answers to. For example, knowing what foreign exchange is, demo accounts etc.


This is the overall aim of the Forex Podcast ( I won't use this time to link to episode 1 for the aims because it made the list, see #4) but there are questions which are most important to traders and it shows.


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4 A Brand New Forex Podcast (Episode 1)


Episode 1 has most of the reasons why we started the podcast. And why we know through research this Forex podcast is different from all other Forex podcasts. I thought starting out and until I really started paying attention to stats like this that episode 1 would be the most popular. I was wrong obviously.


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5 Why Should I Invest In Forex Trading (Episode 4)


Another common theme are episodes with my personal opinion. People are listening to the podcast for the quality information we share but they also want my personal analysis and views as well. I try to be very personable in each episode and look to share my personal trading experiences as much as possible within the content.


I believe this combo of a Forex question answered, along with my personal experiences related to the question is golden for listeners.


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6 Can I Lose More Than I Invest (Episode 7)


This started off as the front runner. And was clearly the best Forex podcast episode. I came to the belief that people really wanted to hear about blowing my account and falling on all fours. I guess that story wasn't as popular as I first thought (even with the vital twist in the story). I am really truthful with this episode and warn you of the risks of trading Forex.


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7 How Much Do I Need To Start Forex Trading (Episode 3)


Most learning about Forex think you need many thousand pounds to start trading Forex. Not True! I share the real realities which is far below. The truth is you don't need that much money to make good profits and live of Forex trading profit.


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8 What Is The Most Traded Pair On The Forex Markets (Episode 21)


Maybe it comes down to wanting to know the popular currencies to then go and trade them, who knows. I am not too surprised however because this might be something I want to know quite early on. I would then probably be able to avoid other currencies which are not really popular.


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9 When Does The Forex Markets Close (Episode 9)


I strongly believe this episode was so popular because everyone hears about the 24 hours Forex markets. I think the intrigue is enough to make people listen in. The FX markets do in fact close at some point during the week, a 5 min episode does the trick.


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10 What Is A Pip (Episode 17)


I'm really shocked at this one but not at the same time. I would think some other podcast episodes would beat this out but there you have it. To round up the top 10 list of best Forex podcast episodes is episode 17. Loads of traders don't know what pips are and struggle with it, this is why I am not completely shocked. New traders tend to struggle with pips so it would make sense from that point of view.

(another short episode to round up the top 10 list)


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The Complete Top 10 List


So this completes the list of the top 10 best Forex podcast episodes after about 30 days of releasing the podcast. Leave a comment below if you listen to the podcast letting me know your favourite episode.


I want to take this time to thank you all for your added support and taking the time to listen to the podcast episodes.


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