Why You Should Never Leave Trades Open Over The Weekend (Especially If You Work Full Time)

Never Leave Trades Open Over The Weekend

Never Leave Trades Open Over The Weekend!




This is one of the easiest ways to blow your Forex account Fast!



Just to be clear, if you are a long term trader, this doesn't apply to you




But everyone else listen up. If you want the two minute version, click play on the video below.




You Have No Control: I Mean No Control


When you leave a trade on over the weekend you run the risk of blowing your account.


And before you start thinking,


"I can place a stop loss and be safe"


A stop loss will probaby not save you when this happens.


Unless you are paying for a guaranteed stop loss, you have no chance really. But they also increase your trade fees.


One piece of fresh news can cause price to gap above or below your stop loss and at that moment it's over. You are now thinking about how much of your account is gone.


Bad news often comes out on the weekend and If you are caught out in the market, your setting yourself up to lose big.



(Especially Those Working Full Time)


Listen, you're working long hours all week.


The weekend is supposed to be your rest time right?


You don't want to be worrying for the whole weekend whether or not your account is going to be blown.


Believe me, this is not the position you want to be in.


I have left trades on over the weekend when I was starting out and it cost me every time (there was 1 exception)


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