Making The Numbers Work To Become Profitable At Forex Trading

If I knew about making the numbers work when I started trading, I would have saved at least $3000:


But the bad news is my time as a beginner has come and gone…


I struggled for two years as a trader searching for a way to trade profitably.


And I can show you exactly what works to be successful as a Forex trader.


We are going to cover what I like to call making the numbers work.


This is not advanced or anything like that.


In fact, you can literally cut and paste and use this for yourself going forward.



What is making the numbers work?


It's really simple.


Forex success comes down to winning and losing.


Sadly 95% of Forex traders don't really understand what this means:


You either need to win more than you lose OR what I recommend first is learning how to earn a lot more on winning trades than when you lose trades.


This is a lot easier to do.


Let's look at an example


If I came to you today with a bag of 100 sweets worth $100 (expensive I know :) ) and said "(insert your name here) hey, I have this bag of sweets worth $100. You can have all the money when sold but only if you make $300. If you make one cent less all the money is mine."

photo credit: Dulce!

What would you do?


Let me give you the answer quickly.


Retail price is $1 per sweat. I would advise you to mark-up the sweat to $3 per sweat at a MINIMUM.


Now you can sell the same amount of sweats (100) but make three times the amount. Sweet


But imagine if I can sell them for $5 per or even $6 per.


You may think it's hard to sell and make 3 or 4, or even 5 times for profit. But at the end of this, I'm going to share the only way I show people how to find trades like this. Here is an example of 1 trade which finished in a couple of hours where I won over 6 TIMES more...


Every sell over $3 per sweet is even more profit to be made.


But the key thing I want you to see is that, the higher the sell price, the less sweets you need to sell.


Using This as A Forex Trader


In this example the $1 per represents risk in Forex trading. If you decide you will always risk the same amount and will always mark-up your return, you are starting to make the numbers work.


Forex trading becomes a whole lot easier.


A trading week example


I want to end this by giving you an example of something you can copy and paste and start using right away.


These are the rules - lose no more than 2%. Win no less than 6%. Trade no more than 10 times a week. We will use a standard $10,000 account.


Day 1 - 1 winning trade 6%, 1 losing trade 2%

Day 2 - 1 winning trade 10%, 1 losing trade 2%

Day 3 - 2 losing trades 4%

Day 4 - 2 losing trades 4%

Day 5 - 1 winning trade 8%, 1 losing trade 2%


That’s a lot of losing trades right? But let's see the results.


The result is:


3 winning trades & 7 losing trades


3 winning trades = +24% - 7 losing trades = -14%


Accuracy is - 30%


Earnings or loss at week's end is  +10% Profit ($1,000)


That is how you make the numbers work because in the example above, we lost 7 trades and only won 3 trades. But ended the week profitable by 10%. If you copy this for the four weeks in the month, you make $4000 each month from Forex.


You can do this from home 5 days a week (this is where I trade from) or abroad if you want to travel.


No magical robots or indicators. No unbelievable accuracy. Just making the numbers work.


Let me simplify this for you…


Take 10 trades a week. Risk 2% on each trade and no more. Take 3 winning trades each week (1 6%, 1 8% & 1 10%)


Make the numbers work.


It's as simple as that.


How do I find trades with those kinds of returns you may ask?


The long, hard, expensive way is to go away now and start testing and changing different trading styles.


The faster, easier, cheaper way is for me to show you exactly how to do it.


The good news is, I  cover how to find trades with these returns in my Forex course as well as some other important skills and techniques you need to use immediately.


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Remember, 3 winning trades a week out of 10 is $1000 & in one month, it turned out to be $4,000. That's less than the course will cost you with one week of success. And the crazy thing is, you only make one payment ever.


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