How To Trade Forex During Christmas Holiday

Trading Forex During The Holiday

Don't let anybody ever trick you into thinking every day is created equal in Forex trading. 


In fact you are setup to lose money if you think this way


I fell for the rookie mistake I'm going to share with you in a moment more times than I'd like. 


And what I'm about to share with you can be summed up by simply thinking about what a pro Forex trader would be doing during Christmas… 


Are they at home with family enjoying life or stuck in the office trading round the clock? 


I think it's safe to say we'd all choose the former. 


Should We Trade in December? (We Made 20%)


I'm not about to tell you to write December off for trading. But as a precautionary approach, be aware of the times. I would and do trade in December. I also still held Live Forex trading room sessions for our new Forex Profit Lab Membership members


We just advised getting our trading done early in the month, and enjoying our returns for the rest of the month and picking back up in the new year. 


In fact, we made our members a whopping 19% return on investment in the first 14 days of December. You can watch the videos below


12% ROI


7% ROI 


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The Last Two Trading Weeks In December 


You might be thinking, what about the last two weeks in December? Why not make more profits? 


Well, I expect a dip in trading volume in the last two weeks like most years. And this is what I told my members. 


I'm sure you'd be more than content with a 20% return on investment in 10 days right? Now is not the time to get greedy. A key trait of successful Forex traders is to know when to bank your profit and enjoy some time off (especially when it aligns with the biggest global holiday of the year). 


Two Sides Of Forex Trading 


I always teach my students to "Trade like a Forex Pro


Something like this which is so simple, eludes us time and time again. 


Common sense might say to us "don't trade around Christmas" but the deep impulses which destroy Forex psychology get the best of us. The Forex markets are unforgiving and will gladly take your money if you throw your money at it. 


Many inexperienced Forex traders will make the mistake of making a little money early on (if they even make money) and then giving it all back plus interest as the new year comes because they are not aware of what's happening in the markets.


We've opened up our Live trading room to our members mainly to make them money right away. But I also get to teach them things the majority of Forex traders will miss because they are not willing to invest in their education. 


This year the phrase "you don't know what you don't know" has been on my heart. If you are not making money right now as a Forex trader, why is that? If you knew really you'd be making money right? 


There's really two reasons, my members were able to make a 20% ROI and you were not: 


  • You didn't know about the membership 

  • You chose not to invest and missed out 


If you didn't know, well it's really simple. Become a member and get ready to blow January 2016 out of the water. If you chose not to invest, forget about the 20% you missed out on. Now focus on the future. Will you be back here again in 30 days reading another article like this, with videos of more profit from inside the membership, or will you learn from your mistake and have a potentially profitable January? 


Forex Success Is A Choice 

I always preach being ahead of the market. Not inline, or like most are, behind. 


There comes a time I believe in every successful Forex trader's life when they have to make a choice… 


"Will I do what I know I should or will I keep making these rookie mistakes?


I like to make money trading Forex, but I like protecting my investment more. And I think this is the fine balance you must come to when it comes to your Forex trading. 


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