Another 12% Profit While Eating 16oz Steak And Having Fun

My 12% Forex profit on one trade in less than 24 hours

Wouldn't you like to wake up to a 12% Forex profit from just one trade in less than 24 hours?

My 12% Winning trade Forex

I'm going to share with you how I did this in my latest Forex profit case study.


My previous case studies are a 12% profit on one trade, a 6.2% profit in 90 minutes, an 8% return and I've sent a few privately to our email subscribers. You can make sure you never miss one by joining our email community here ( also get sent a free Forex toolkit).


I trade for


  • No more than 60 minutes a day
  • I risk no more than 2% per trade
  • And I always look to maximize my reward


This is how I can pick out trades like this daily, which yield such big profits. And allow me to stay home 7 days a week and watch my daughter Anna grow every day.

And this is how you build a trading account fast without having loads of time.


But let's jump right into the case study.


Starting The Forex Clock


In the  beginning of this case study, I shared I only trade 60 minutes a day.


I normally trade less. But my efficiency starts well before actual trading.


This is not a necessity for me but loads of people in the VintagEducation community work full time. So I have to share a solution which caters to their current lack of time. One of these methods is only spending 60 minutes a day looking at charts and picking out profitable trades. I teach this in much detail in my All in one Forex course.


Why 60 minutes?


People with full time commitments can spare 60 minutes a day to look at charts and pick out at least 1 good trade.



This trade case study was found in about 4 minutes. I literally opened the charts and instantly, saw the opportunity. you can see in this video below from just after entering, I was not around to really do pre trade analysis on screen.



So once the charts are open I start the timer!



This provides some healthy pressure, but it also doesn't have you looking at charts all day.


In this 60 minutes, I am looking for really good trade opportunities.



My Chart Setup


So the clock is ticking and this is an example of what I see.



All the instruments I trade on an intra-day basis are put together in one profile of 15 minute charts.


This way I am not jumping from chart to chart wasting time. Everything is geared to being efficient.


I can see which instruments are shaping up and which ones look slow. You should notice, currencies are not the only thing I trade. Because what I teach works on any financial instrument and any time frame. The 12% case study was a Gold trade. This week I am focusing on a currency.


The USD/JPY Trade


So on Thursday I opened my charts and saw this opportunity to pick out a short trade opportunity on USD/JPY 15 minute chart. The black line is my entry, the green line is my take profit and the red line above is stop loss.


12% Forex profit entry level


After scouting the level on a 15 minute. I sometimes drop down to a 2 minute chart to get the best entry possible. But I didn't do that with this trade because I didn't have enough time. It would not have mattered also at this time.


Automation or Manual


Now this trade for me was manual entry. I hit the sell button but I didn't wait around watching charts for 90 minutes. At the time, everything was ready to go. If you can't wait around, use an order to automatically open a trade for you. I do this when I don't want to wait, or I will be unavailable doing something else. It works both ways.


The entry however for me was the only manual component. I had a stop loss in place and my take profit which would automatically close out the trade. As soon as I hit sell, I closed down my charts at this point as I had a date with my other half Emma. Below is the video when we came back.


My stop loss and take profit were determined before I took the trade and would not be amended. You can see in the video below price is still headed in my direction but not quite there so I call it a day with the recordings.


I always use a stop loss and take profit. It automates the process and I don't need to be around. It also helps with your Forex psychology. If you are in a trade and you can't walk away, I think you are risking too much. Watching charts is a dangerous game.


12% Forex Return while I was not around


I Spent The Day With Emma. I Didn't Stare At Charts All Day


So after I hit the sell button, the trade went into auto-pilot. It was either, I would lose a minimal 2% which I could live with. Or I was set to make a 12% profit. I made the 12% profit.


As you can see, the trade went immediately into profit and the trade was over in less than 24 hours. I obviously wasn't there but came back later to take the picture and final video of the completed trade for journal purposes. And to show you in this case study that I actually trade Forex for real, and can show you how to get these kind of returns too if this is something you really want.



So I was with Emma for the day while my trade was doing the business. Perhaps if you are full time, you would go off to work. Because I trade like this, I am home 7 days a week. So on this day it was just me and Emma. From the time I opened the trade, up until it closed, I checked it a few times to make this case study even better for you.


There was no micro-managing, there was no editing. In that 60 minutes on Thursday, I picked out this trade and took the trade. The trade lasted around 15 hours. I increased my Forex account by 12% profit. And that was the week of trading done.


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