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Analysing Stocks

Analysing stocks, step-by-step we will prepare you to embark confidently when buying and selling shares. As an investor in the stock market, it is very crucial that we become self-reliant.

This means that you either make your own educated investment decisions, or critically analyse those who forecast for you.

Analysing Stocks
Money Management & Risk In Forex Trading

Money management is a good strategy to have a hold of when trading.

It is much better to create a strategy which outlines how much you make and lose each trade, as you are in a better position than most who are not doing this.


Average True Range

The ATR is a great tool which can make you money & save you money, if you pay attention to alerts.

average true range - atr
Types Of Brokers - Dealing Desk & No Dealing Desk

Before choosing which Forex brokers are best for you, you must first outline what is good for you. You must first create the criteria and then see what Forex brokers out there are offering traders.

different types of broker