Forex Beginner Tips - Bull & Bear

Forex beginner tips

Time and time again, I never forget to hand out loads of Forex beginner tips. I do this because Forex beginner tips are essential! We were all Forex beginners before and learned some new things which saved us thousands.

This is kind of ironic that I write about this now because someone asked me about this and Forex jargon is one thing which I needed starting out. This is one of the Forex beginner tips I needed sadly.

I remember when I was in a live webinar and the instructor said it’s a bull or bear market (I can't fully remember which way he said) and because I did not know the Forex jargon correctly, I went the wrong way and lost my money.

That really hurt! Imagine being in a room and everyone is making money and you are the only one who is losing because you didn't understand the Forex terminology, it would hurt right? When I started making money, I decided one of my jobs was to make sure this didn't happen to others under my watch. This is why I devoted two whole lessons in the power course to combating Forex jargon and the benefits of knowing it.

I also decided to make sure we hit that topic on the head pretty early in the program because I know people like to go and trade before they're not ready, they at least need to know what things mean right?  


This posts' Forex Beginner Tips - What do Bull & Bear mean


The bull

You may not know what bullish and bearish mean, for the sake of beginners, which I am really writing Forex beginner tips for, these are linked to the term bull and bear. If you are a "bull" it means you have an optimistic viewpoint on the markets and thing they are going to increase or go up. You will be considered "bullish" which comes from the bull animal. Bulls are those looking to buy.


The bear

A bear as you may have guessed now is the opposite. If you are "bearish," you are a bear and expect the market to go down. This means you have a pessimistic outlook and believe the market is moving downwards. Someone would say you have a bearish outlook.

I know this answered the person's question I wrote this article for and I hope it helped you too.


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