Trading Again After Two Weeks Off!

Some people think Pro Forex traders are perfect,

It's not true at all! 

In fact, one of the biggest fears I face is after taking some time off, is getting back into the markets. 

It's all part of Forex psychology... 


Forex Pressure After a Holiday! 

We mentioned in our last post of 2015 we made our private Forex members a 20% return on investment in December. We then took a two week break for the holiday. We were on a role and holiday stopped the momentum. I'd really like to obviously keep that going. 

I haven't looked at a chart really in a while so refreshing my mind is something I need to ease back into. 

Many traders would make the mistake of thinking everything is going to be fine. It might be...But I take the approach of caution, so if my results are not as good starting out, I am prepared and can handle it. 


Your Forex Trading Approach! 

All you should do is stick to your trading plan and try not to change anything. I've seen over the years people change lot sizes, change trade techniques. They've changed anything they can to make themselves feel better but it's messed up their results. 

One thing I definitely wouldn't recommend is extending the time away from charts. Unless you are stopping for good (or something similar) It makes no sense to leave it any longer. Get back immediately.  

You don’t need to trade, but make sure you're looking at the charts, doing analysis and when you are ready, hit that buy button (or sell button). 

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